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ALP DESIGN provides pressure vessel designs with in-house engineering and extensive experience in design, analysis of vessels used in refineries, chemical and power plants, nuclear plants (in the future) and other processing facilities.

With years of practical work in the industry, ALP DESIGN offers solutions for pressure vessel projects that have mission critic requirements.


Using the state of the art different pressure vessel software, FEA and hand calculations in accordance with all of them pressure vessel codes, ALP DESIGN has delivered several pressure vessel projects for Vertical Pressure Vessels,  Horizontal Pressure Vessels, Spherical Vessels, Heat Exchangers, Filter, Tall Columns, etc.

We have experience in designing pressure vessels in accordance with

Design Pressure Vessels as per ASME , EN, AD Merkblatt, Gost, CODAP, EEUMA

- Process and mechanical design of Heat Exchangers as per ASME and TEMA.

- Design of Cryogenic Vessels

- Design of Power Boilers components

- Mechanical design and stress analysis for Power and Process Piping Systems

- High level experience and competency for equipments to be ASME stamped and/or CE marked