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Finite Element Analysis (FEA) simulation software enables ALP DESIGN to confidently predict how our pressure vessels and atmospherically structures will operate in the real world.

Thirty years after engineering simulation first revolutionized product design, today’s business world is a very different place. Intensive market pressures are forcing organizations to gain more exacting insights into anticipated product behavior earlier in the development cycle than ever before.

Our advanced FEA servers provide AES engineers to ensure that the designs can survive worst-case scenarios by automating and evaluating numerous assembly, in-transit, installation, operational and non-operational simulation runs.

FEA is used as part of an entire development process and to make recommendations based upon the analysis results combined with consideration of the materials at hand. The methods used to manufacture or test very fast & responsive solutions. By using Finite Element Analysis we predict the life expectancy of structures or machine components and foresee damage due to impact, operational and dynamic loading of harsh work environments.

Our expert analysis include but not limited to

  • Analysis with highly non-Linear Materials
  • Analysis with Composite Materials
  • Complex Contact Problems and Assemblies
  • Analytic Fatigue Assessment/ Real Time Failure Forensics
  • Design and Product Optimization
  • Basic Linear Structural Analysis and Dynamic Response
  • Impact & Crash Analysis
  • Harmonic and Modal Analysis
  • Buckling Analysis
  • Thermal & Mechanical Multiphysics Analysis etc.


Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) is a scientific branch that deals with the simulation of fluids. Using a variety of commercially available software products and the advanced computational power of server clusters, today's CFD brings the engineer, analyst and scientist beyond standard fluid mechanics calculations to the resolution of complex problems, whilst providing them with insight into the phenomena of fluid dynamics.

Our CFD project expertise spans different aspects of the science as applied to various industrial situations.

Our expert analysis include but not limited to

Multiphase Flow

  • Heat transfer (example: heat exchangers)
  • Fluid structure interaction
  • Design shape optimization and mesh morphing
  • Combustion etc.